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Even as you think its name, a warm feeling of comfort crawls over you. The Lodge. You could go there now. You could stay forever.
— In-game description

The Lodge is a location in Borderlands 3, serving as the main hub of Xylourgos during the events of Guns, Love, and Tentacles. It is a safe haven away from the influence of Gythian and is maintained by Mancubus Bloodtooth, its creepy yet welcoming proprietor.



Points of Interest

Proprietor's Hearth

The ground floor of The Lodge. It offers a wide array of amenities to its visitors, including all types of Vending Machines, a New-U Station, and a Lost Loot Machine. Mancubus mans the front counter, which also serves as a bar, occasionally giving quests to the players. The left of the floor features a long table filled with missing gifts, which can be filled by completing "Gaige's Gifts" crew challenges.

Upper Floor

The upper floor features DJ Midnight, the resident DJ, and two slot machines can also be found. There are two restrooms, one of which holds an ECHO log.


The basement features a home brewery, where The Lodge brews its own alcoholic drinks. Several generic NPCs can be found here, one of which owns a butchery that holds several lootable props. The statue of Hiphonius can be found at the end of the basement, who cautions Vault Hunters to treat The Lodge and Mancubus with respect, and also serves to track progress for "Mancubus' Eldritch Statues" crew challenges.

Gondola to Cursehaven

A smaller housing unit separate from The Lodge. It features a gondola that allows visitors to reach the town of Cursehaven. A small counter can be found here, with an ECHO log hiding within the lootable containers behind it.


Main Missions

Side Missions


  • Mancubus' pet, Mancubite, can be seen crawling about the lodge. The player can pet it with the interact button (E on PC, Square on PlayStation). Petting it enough times will reward the player with the Kaleidoscope.
  • A mounted talking fish can be seen to the right of the bar. If interacted with, it will tell a sea-related joke before vomiting out a random amount of common loot of various rarity. This can be used for free loot once per visit to The Lodge. Talking to joke fishes 25 times (either in The Lodge or in other maps) is required for the "I'm Floundering Up Here" achievement.
  • Hiphonius will often begin talking to the player as they approach the Lodge's side door, as he is positioned directly under it. This can lead to unavoidable conversations.


Salvador Lodge Tab.jpg
  • Salvador makes a cameo appearance on a wanted posted beside the counter. He appears to be wanted due to a long list of unpaid drinks on his tab
  • Title given by the game is "Resort".
  • "The Lodge" may be a reference to the 1996 point and click horror game Harvester. The references by Mancubus to The Lodge as an entity seems to reflect the obsession the citizens in Harvester have to The Lodge and its importance in their society.

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