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The Legend Of Moe and Marley is an optional mission in Borderlands given by Fyrestone Bounty Board. It becomes available after Sledge: The Mine Key is complete.


"Rumors speak of Moe and Marley, two of the toughest skags to ever walk Pandora. I want their skulls mounted on my wall, but I'm too busy to go track them down myself. Instead, I'm offering to pay anyone to find them and take them down."



The Legend Of Moe and Marley

Video walkthrough


Kill Moe and Marley.
  • Moe killed
  • Marley killed


Moe and Marley are located in the Arid Hills. They can be found in the north-western section of the area.

Moe and Marley can present a formidable encounter for players of their level. They are both Badass Alpha Skags, with Moe being a Badass Fire Skag and Marley being a Badass Shock Skag. The duo also wander around a massive Skag den, which may contain potentially dangerous Skags to appear while fighting them.

As both are Alpha Skags, Corrosive weapons are highly effective against them, being able to whittle a massive amount of their health from the bleed damage applied. It's also recommended to attack their rear when possible, as they take reduced damage if shot at from the front. Skags are naturally aggressive towards bandits, and there is a bandit camp near their position in which Moe may be lured into. However, the bandits will usually end up dying to Moe unless a Burning Psycho is one of the four spawns, as Moe will be unable to kill him due to his natural fire immunity.

Moe prefers to attack the Vault Hunters up close, while Marley prefers hanging in the back. Moe will attempt to claw the player, and can also perform a charge attack if the target is too far from it. Marley will continually track players and launch electrical blasts around its target, though they may be shot out of the air. If any Vault Hunter gets too close to Marley, then it will roar and slam the ground, causing massive knock-back.

It's possible to lure one of the duo away, though this shouldn't be relied on as they generally wander around together.

Killing Marley before Moe can be beneficial, because Marley's shock damage is tuned to depleting shields, while Moe's incendiary attacks are a more effective damage dealer to flesh.


"The rumors were true?! Outstanding! By accepting this payment, you agree that I get to take all credit for killing these monsters. The ladies of Sanctuary will be so impressed!"

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