The Legend Of Moe and Marley is the Borderlands optional mission given by Fyrestone Bounty Board. It becomes available after Sledge: The Mine Key is complete.


"Rumors speak of Moe and Marley, two of the toughest skags to ever walk Pandora. I want their skulls mounted on my wall, but I'm too busy to go track them down myself. Instead, I'm offering to pay anyone to find them and take them down."


The Legend Of Moe and Marley

The Legend Of Moe and Marley

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Kill Moe and Marley.
  • Moe killed
  • Marley killed


Moe and Marley are located in the Arid Hills region. The mission marker doesn't indicate exactly where the two skags are, instead pointing to the general area where they can be found.

Moe and Marley can present a formidable encounter, so it is highly recommended that they be separated and killed individually. They are hostile to bandits, so luring them into range of any bandit groups can also assist with whittling down their life. Usually they will kill all of the bandits before that happens, but if there is a Burning Psycho around, he will help distract Moe since he is immune to incendiary damage. The building on the hill near their location can also serve as a safety zone to fight from by jumping up onto the roof. Bandit respawns around the structure will provide more a distraction as well as slowly whittling away their health.

Climbing on top of the rocks near the local New-U Station can provide another moderate safe zone to shoot from. From here, Moe cannot attack from the ground, while Marley's options will be restricted. Occasionally lower level skags may also join the fray, so eliminating them when they appear is a high priority.

An alternative approach to defeating Moe and Marley is to lure them over the stone bridge [marked as 1 in the map provided] then once they're fully over the bridge walk as far as possible to the east wall [marked as 2]. Once the characters are positioned here, Moe and Marley will be unable to reach and will stand in place, with their howling allowing for many easy critical hits on them. Across the bridge there are skag and rakk nests. While the skags may be out of range the rakk may still present a problem to be wary of.

Moe and Marley appear to be Badass Alpha Skag, meaning they are both highly armored. This also means that corrosive damage is the only damage which can successfully hurt them both. Moe can be significantly more difficult than Marley because he is immune to fire. Marley can be sufficiently dealt with by hitting her with corrosive damage and then following with fire damage to capitalise on both her innate weakness to fire, and the bonus damage from a corrosion status effect. Once Marley is defeated, Moe can be put down by exploiting his slight corrosive weakness and the bonus damage it entails.

Marley will tend to keep distance from characters, whereas Moe will always try to proceed to melee range.[1] They use the same attacks except differentiated by element. Their attacks are:

  • Claw attack: A simple slash with its claws to a character at melee range (Marley will rarely to never do that, due to its ranged AI). If that happens, the underbelly of the skag can be shot with something powerful (shotgun), to inflict heavy damage.
  • Charge attack: A sprinting headbutt attack, the sprint speed is quite high, thus this is usually hard to dodge, unless with obstacles around. this attack does minimal damage but closes the distance, and has a high knockback power. This attack is only available to Moe. It can be countered by jumping on top of the attack.
  • Projectile attack: An arced shot of the corresponding element. The projectile shot by Marley can be shot in mid-air to destroy the missile.
  • Stomp attack: A stomp along with a roar. This only happens in close range, but further than melee range. It is the most powerful attack of the three, and should be avoided. It also has a large push, but can be mitigated by jumping away before it connects. When used on a sloped area, this attack usually misses targets on the lower side on the slope, even within the radius.

Killing Marley before Moe can be beneficial, because Marley's shock damage is tuned to depleting shields, while Moe's incendiary attacks are a more effective damage dealer to flesh.


"The rumors were true?! Outstanding! By accepting this payment, you agree that I get to take all credit for killing these monsters. The ladies of Sanctuary will be so impressed!"

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  • The balls that Marley shoots will explode if they are hit in mid-air.
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