Aurelia Skill Tree 1

The Huntress is Aurelia's first skill tree. This skill tree focuses on gun bonuses, specifically sniping. Her other skill trees are Cold Money and Contractual Aristocracy.


Tier 1
  • Markswoman - Increases critical hit damage and aim speed with all gun types by +6% and 20% per rank, respectively.
  • Only the Best - Increases bullet speed and Magazine size by +20% and +1 per rank, respectively.
Tier 2
  • Culling the Herd - Scoring a critical hit increases gun damage for a few seconds.
  • Long-Range Killer - Your shots do bonus damage based your distance to the target. The further you are from your target, the greater the bonus damage.
  • Warning Shot - After you miss a shot with a Sniper Rifle you gain increased Fire Rate, Accuracy, Critical Hit Damage, and Weapon Swap Speed for a few seconds. These bonuses apply to all guns.
Tier 3
  • Silver Lining - Killing a enemy with a Critical Hit adds a bullet into your Magazine. Does not work with Rocket Launchers.
Tier 4
  • I Never Miss - Shooting a enemy with a sniper rifle grants you a stack of I Never Miss. Critical Hits that would give a stack of I Never Miss instead give two stacks. Increases Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage for each stack of I Never Miss. All stacks are lost if/when you fire a Sniper Rifle and Miss.
  • Magic Bullet - Scoring a Critical Hit causes you to regenerate health for a few seconds. The closer you are to the enemy, the more health regenerated. Additionally, scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle creates a Healing Nova centered on that enemy, healing nearby allies and granting them a Second Wind if needed. Healing Novas restore more health the further you are from your target.
  • Wait for It... - Missing a shot with a Sniper Rifle grants you a stack of Wait for It. Increases Sniper Rifle Damage for every stack of Wait for It. Damaging an enemy with a Sniper Rifle consumes all stacks of Wait for It.
Tier 5
  • Large Caliber - Increases Gun Damage and Reload Speed, but decreases Magazine Size. These bonuses and penalties apply to all gun types.
  • Prudent Prudence - After suffering Melee damage or having your Shield depleted after fully recharging, you gain increased Movement Speed, Reload Speed, And Gun Damage for a short time.
Tier 6
  • Custom Loads - When zoomed in with a Sniper Rifle, a wheel scrolls by with icons featuring each of the elemental damage types. Time your shots with the highlighted icon to add that element to your shot and each subsequent shot until you zoom out. Scoring a Critical Hit in this manner creates a small Nova, Dealing additional elemental damage to nearby enemies.

Aurelia Skills
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