The Homestead (Part 3) is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Pa Honeywell.


"We need to power up the homestead's defenses. Ol' Bessie seems to be out of gas."
"Now that Pa's back on the scene, the stead needs to be secure. Those whippersnappers outside will get what's coming to 'em once we get Ol' Bessie back online."



  • Follow Pa to barn
  • Start up Ol' Bessie
  • Open first valve
  • Open second valve
  • Open third valve
  • Melee third valve
  • Open last valve
  • Climb to roof
  • Activate Ol' Bessie
  • Kill bandits
  • Return to Pa



"You really didn't need to go out of your way for us, dearie. But me, Pa, and Bessie want to thank you for all your help. And you'll allways be welcome at the homestead."

Turn In: Pa Honeywell


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