The Homestead (Part 2) is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Ma Honeywell.


"The creek's gone dry. Looks like you've got some crap to take care of."
"Oh, no... Pa's done it again. In all his senile glory, he's gone off to take some "matter" in his wrinkled hands. Find where the old coot went."



  • Go to spring
  • Kill Vermilingua
  • Revive Pa
  • Search poop for explosives (3)
  • Place explosives (3)
  • Detonate explosives
  • Return to Ma



"Pa got himself ate by a skag again, didn't he? Well, I can hardly complain when I've got runnin' water flowin' to my crops 'n' rods, can I? Homestead's better'n ever. Here's something to pay for your dry-cleanin', dearie. Oh, and I think Pa's got one more job for ya when you got the time."

Turn In: Ma Honeywell


  • Mission items: Explosive
    • Fuse
    • Wind Turbine Core

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