The Homestead is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by The Splinterlands Bounty Board or Ma Honeywell or by Ma Honeywell.


"You there! Yes, you. The Honeywells are in dire need of farmhands!"
"The Honeywells are crazy, hippie, scientist-farmers, and they need your help restoring their homestead to its former glory.



  • Meet Ma Honeywell
  • Collect fuse
  • Collect wind turbine core
  • Return to Ma
  • Install wind turbine core
  • Place fuse
  • Return to Ma



"Homestead's seen better days... but if you can take care of your home, and your antimatter containment chamber, and your family... what CAN you take care of? Thanks, dearie."

Turn In: Ma Honeywell


  • Mission items:
    • Fuse
    • Wind Turbine Core

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