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The Holy Dumptruck is an optional mission boss enemy in Borderlands 3.


The Holy Dumptruck is the assassination target in mission Dump on Dumptruck.



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"Oh no you don't!"
"A hole in your head, on a house."
"Come and get me pissant!"
"Killin's my business, dying's yours."
"Clearing the field!" (on grenade toss)
"Watch this, ha, ha, ha, ha!" (on grenade toss)


  • Unique to this enemy is his additional weak point: his backside. When a critical hit is scored on it, instead of "CRITICAL", other unsound effects such as "BUTTHOLED!", "PUCKERED!" or "STARFISHED!" will be displayed. This only occurs if shot when doing his unique animation where he shakes his rear at the Vault Hunter, and only once per shot. When Buttholed, he will leap into the air and grab his buttocks in pain.
  • As of the July 23 2020 drop patch, The Holy Dumptruck has an increased chance to drop the legendary The Tidal Wave shotgun.