The Highlands is an area in Borderlands 2. The town of Overlook is located here.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Aggregate Acquisition

This Hyperion outpost is at the middle of the area. It stands on a cliff above Overlook, and is filled with Hyperion robots and personnel.

The Double Rainbow Easter Egg can be accessed by going past the Constructor and jumping down onto a cliff with a tent before the second pair of Badass Loaders. Either Handsome Jack or Claptrap will make contact, repeating lines from the viral video. Viewing the double rainbow unlocks the "What does it mean?" achievement/trophy.

Blake Bridge

Extraction Point

Frothing Creek Mill

Hyperion Bridge

Hunter's Bane

Isotope Reclamation Tower

The fusebox on top of this tower can be shot from a "Winds of the Highlands" flag nearby.

Lake Shining Horizons

Old Cranky's Pond


Whispering Riverbed



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