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The Guns of Reliance is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Wainwright Jakobs.


"Wainwright has a plan to take back Eden-6, but first, he need an army. He's hire a gunslinger named Clay to help start a resistance. People don't really need much encouragement to turn against Aurelia. They just need guns..."



  • Meet Clay at Reliance
  • Talk to Clay
  • Follow Clay
  • Kill COV enemies
  • Follow Clay
  • Free Rebel Kyle
  • Free Rebel Ryan
  • Kill COV guarding cages
  • Talk to Clay
  • Shoot door control
  • Follow Clay
  • Kill COV attackers
  • Fall back to gas station
  • Kill COV attackers (3 waves)
  • Kill Long Arm the Smasher
  • Talk to Clay
  • Turn on main power
    • Main entrance gate open
    • Catch-A-Ride active
    • Bounty Board active
    • Vending Machines active
  • Go to Fort Sunshine
  • Kill COV attackers
  • Go to Historical Lookout
  • Go to Lumberhold
  • Go to Loading Dock
  • Catch-A-Rail
  • Ride to Fort Sunshine
  • Get back on rail
  • Clear Fort Sunshine
  • Kill Muldock the Anoited
  • Free Dalton
  • Take key from Dalton
  • Open Dalton's gun cabinet
  • Talk to Clay



"So begins the Resistance. I gotta tell you, I've been all around this galaxy. Seen darkness and savagery you wouldn't believe... but those Calypso Twins and their followers? They are something else. Someone's gotta stop 'em, and I'm thinking it just might be you. Be seeing ya, Vault Hunter."

Turn In: Clay


  • A glitch can occur where two copies of the Hand of Glory are obtained in a single playthrough.

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