The Great Vault is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Patricia Tannis.


"Reinforcements? Check. Crazy Siren lady's experimental technology? Double-check. Annoying bad guys to shoot? Check-a-rooney. You are ready to take the Calypsos down as you'll ever be, so get it done, you know, before the end of the world."



  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Look out the window, turd farmers!
  • Talk to Lilith
    • Say goodbye to Ava (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Ellie (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Marcus (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Hammerlock (optional)
      • Take Hammerlock's gift (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Claptrap (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Zer0 (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Moxxi (optional)
      • Use one of Moxxi's slots
  • Go to Devil's Razor
  • Talk to Vaughn
  • Catch up to Tannis
  • Clear out COV
  • Meet Tannis
  • Drive to Cathedral of the Twin Gods
  • Follow Ava
  • Shoot explosive charge
  • Clear out defenses
  • Fight to Courtyard of the Damned
  • Open sanctum door
  • Enter Inner Sanctum
  • Kill Anoited
  • Raise processing tank pressure (4)
  • Destroy processing tank
  • Drop down pipe
  • Find Troy
  • Kill Troy
  • Investigate ECHO device
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Loot Vault
  • Talk to Tannis



"Very good. When you return to Sanctuary, please go to my lab first, I suspect that analyzer might be a missing piece in the puzzle I have been trying to solve."
"Back to ship, everyone. We have to find Nekrotafeyo."

Turn In: Tannis


  • Mission item: Eridian Analyzer

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