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The Great Vault is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Patricia Tannis.


"Reinforcements? Check. Crazy Siren lady's experimental technology? Double-check. Annoying bad guys to shoot? Check-a-rooney. You are ready to take the Calypsos down as you'll ever be, so get it done, you know, before the end of the world."



  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Look out the window, turd farmers!
  • Talk to Lilith
    • Say goodbye to Ava (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Ellie (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Marcus (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Hammerlock (optional)
      • Take Hammerlock's gift (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Claptrap (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Zer0 (optional)
    • Say goodbye to Moxxi (optional)
      • Use one of Moxxi's slots
  • Go to Devil's Razor
  • Talk to Vaughn
  • Catch up to Tannis
  • Clear out COV
  • Meet Tannis
  • Drive to Cathedral of the Twin Gods
  • Follow Ava
  • Shoot explosive charge
  • Clear out defenses
  • Fight to Courtyard of the Damned
  • Open sanctum door
  • Enter Inner Sanctum
  • Kill Anoited
  • Raise processing tank pressure (4)
  • Destroy processing tank
  • Drop down pipe
  • Find Troy
  • Kill Troy
  • Investigate ECHO device
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Loot Vault
  • Talk to Tannis


Troy's health is entirely comprised of flesh, and so a strong incendiary weapon should be used. He will go through several different phases, between each of them, he will fly back to Tyreen to power up; during this time, he is immune to all damage.

His primary attack involves him slamming down his sword, creating rings of phaselock orbs as he does. These will radiate outward from the point of impact and can be jumped over or dodged between. As the fight progresses, he will summon tinks and rakks to assist him in the fight. Due to their weak attacks and small health pools, they are best used as a way to gain a Second Wind.

During his final phase, Troy will surround his sword with a large pillar of rock before slamming it down. During the charge-up for this attack, he stays still, so his head is exposed. Additionally, his attack will not track, so it can be dodged if one moves fast enough.


"Very good. When you return to Sanctuary, please go to my lab first, I suspect that analyzer might be a missing piece in the puzzle I have been trying to solve."
"Back to ship, everyone. We have to find Nekrotafeyo."

Turn In: Tannis


  • Mission item: Eridian Analyzer
  • While the mission is active, the Phaselocked moon can be seen in the skies of Pandora, and it will remain permanently dark on the planet. This does not affect items like the Night Hawkin, whose effects change based on the time of day.
    • Moze's wristwatch will show the rapid advance in time. It takes about 6 seconds for one in-game hour to pass. This can be used to determine when the Night Hawkin will switch its element.

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