The Great Vault is a location on the planet of Pandora in Borderlands 3.

Bad moon falling.
— In-game description


This is the location of the Vault of the Architects on Pandora, where the fight against Troy Calypso takes place. Due to the nature of the Great Vault, this is not actually the location of the Great Vault itself, but (judging from the name of the Vault that the Vault Hunters enter upon defeating Troy) rather a vault created by Eridian architects of Pandora itself. 


Notable Allies

Notable Enemies


Story Missions

Points of Interest

Dig Site

  • This is the entrance area before the boss arena.
  • There are vending machines for ammo and meds and a fast travel station.

Vault of the Architects

  • The Vault chamber that opens after the boss battle.
  • There are 4 white loot chests.


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