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The Great Escape is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Ulysses located in Sawtooth Cauldron. It becomes available after Toil and Trouble is complete.



  • Retrieve stolen Hyperion beacon
  • Place beacon for Ulysses
  • Pick up Ulysses' pet (optional)


The Hyperion supply beacon is located under The Buzzard Nest, in Smoking Guano Grotto. From the bottom of the elevator, and continuing down the walkway towards Sawtooth Stilts, there is a hole in the floor with a ladder leading down. Descending at this point allows access to a pile of debris at the location of the supply beacon.

Alternatively, the beacon can be accessed by jumping off the east end of The Buzzard Nest, then north down into Sawtooth Stilts where there is a cave opening into Smoking Guano Grotto. The ladder to the supply beacon is just inside and to the left.

The optional objective is Frederick the Fish, and is located near the bottom of the elevator. It is placed up high on a shelf, and to reach it requires either climbing a nearby ladder, or jumping on some boxes.


"You got a lunar supply beacon for Ulysses. Why he thinks it will help him escape Pandora is anybody's guess."

Turn In: Ulysses

Following the completion of this mission, Ulysses stands out on the platform and shortly afterwards is killed by a falling Hyperion supply crate.

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  • Mission Items:
    • Frederick the Fish - "Ulysses' pet fish, Frederick. Best friends gotta stick together!"
    • Stolen Hyperion Beacon - "Property of the Sawteeth."