The Graveward is an Eridian lifeform lying dormant within the Vault on Eden-6.


Kept secret by the Jakobs Corporation, the Graveward lay undisturbed for centuries in a Vault underneath the Jakobs Estate. They were subsequently assaulted by the Children of the Vault, who were tasked with seeking it out.

The Calypso Twins, whilst they weren't aware of what it contained, hoped to lure the Crimson Raiders into killing whatever resided in the Eden-6 Vault in the hopes of absorbing its power. However, after the Graveward was defeated, Patricia Tannis used her Siren powers to nullify its remaining energy to prevent Tyreen from harvesting it.


The Graveward's regular attacks target a different half of the map at once. It will either strike the left half, right half, front half, or back half of the arena. The ground will also glow where it will strike next. The four attacks are:

  • A straight punch with the right arm, dealing radiation damage to the left half of the arena.
  • A right hook along the back, dealing radiation damage.
    • Can rarely be replaced by a left swing that covers the same area.
  • A left-handed hammer strike, dealing radiation damage to the right half of the arena.
  • A corrosive breath attack to the front half while supporting itself on the edge.

These attacks are telegraphed very noticeably and characters should not have a hard time dodging most of them.

In addition to these, it will occasionally tip the entire arena, followed by a volley of corrosive balls that roll down the slope in a spread. The slope will cause characters to start sliding towards the edge. This can be avoided by continuously jumping, or by sitting in one of the two holes to either side of the arena. This is the first attack it does upon starting the fight

After transitioning to phase two of the fight, the Graveward gains two additional attacks. Both are incendiary beam attacks. One shoots several beams from the glowing spots in top of its head, covering a line in the center of the arena, front to back. The other one is a beam from the object in its chest, sweeping across the entire arena. This beam can be avoided by staying at the very back of the arena and jumping over it.

The Graveward is vulnerable in the yellow glowing spots on its chest and on the top of its head.

When the Graveward strikes the left or right half of the arena, it breaks the armor around its hands, revealing another critical weak spot that can be taken advantage of. This is the Graveward's weakest point and should be targeted above all.

The Graveward suffers increased critical damage compared to critical hits against regular enemies:

  • Chest spots: ×1.4
  • Head spots: ×1.2
  • Exposed hand sphere: ×2.5

When the Graveward uses its corrosive breath on the front half of the arena, it also summons Grogs, some of which can be corrosive badasses. Similarly, the straight right punch (hitting the left side of the arena) will spawn a few Jabbers. While not the most powerful, these creatures will build up if ignored and should be taken care of.

After damaging the Graveward below 2/3 and 1/3 of its health respectively, it will start a new phase, changing up its move set and order a little. Each of these are marked by him rearing up and falling onto the edge of the arena, remaining there for a couple seconds. In this state the Head crit spots are easy to hit - even with shotguns - and characters can wail on it. Afterwards, it will tip the arena, followed by an eye beam attack and a chest beam sweep before it returns to its regular move set. During this, it can still be damaged. If it is knocked down another 1/3 of its health while in this mode switch, it will not fall down and start it over, but instantly pick up in the next phase.


  • The Graveward has a chance to drop the legendary Grave artifact and the legendary Ward shield.
  • During the main story, it is discovered that Graveward holds the power of guardians, Grave and Ward

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