Mordecai: Few years back, I won two prizes in Moxxi's Underdome: a chest full a' loot, and Moxxi herself. I lost the second prize to Jack, and the first to a thief named Carson. I don't care if I never see those guns again, but if you want 'em, just find Carson in The Dust.

(Vault Hunter heads over to the Goose's Roost in The Dust where he finds Carson's body and his ECHO recorder.)

Gettle: Where's the chest, Carson?

Carson: What was that noise? It sounded like some Hyperion screw trying to pump me for info. Didn't it sound like that, brother?

Mavis: Sure did, brother. Why don't you--

(A single gunshot is heard ...)

Carson: Mavis! NO!

Mordecai: Gettle's after the treasure, too? Crap. He's a Hyperion goon, more bent than a boomerang. He probably took Carson to the Hyperion Friendship Gulag.

(Vault Hunter heads over to Friendship Gulag where he finds a cell with Carson's dead body and an ECHO recorder in it.)

Carson: You'll break us outta here if I tell you, right Mobley?

Mobley: 'Course! I'm your pal, Carson! Now, where's that chest?

Carson: The flats. Buried under a grave. So, when do we bust outta here?

(Several gunshot in a quick succession are heard ...)

Carson: Urk!

Mobley: Hah! Idiot.

Mordecai: Carson's dead? Hahaha! No surprises there. I've heard of that Mobley guy. Small-time bandit. Dangerous. Watch yourself.

(Vault Hunter heads over to the Boot Hill in The Dust where he starts digging up the graves. When he finds the stash in one of them, Mobley bursts out of the church saying ...)

Mobley: Finally! I been waiting in that church for hours for someone to dig it up in case it was booby-trapped! Now hand it over.


Mobley: Thanks for diggin' it up, pal! I couldn't find the right grave, seein' as how I can't read.

(Gettle shows up ...)

Gettle: Get away from the stash, bandits!

Mobley: Dammit, Vault Hunter! You led that Hyperion jackass here?!

Gettle: You bandits put down your guns and move back from the stash, NOW!

Mobley: Better idea, jackass -- we all draw when the church bell rings for the third time!

Gettle: A Truxican standoff? Fine.

(As the church bell rings for the third time ...)

Mobley: DRAW!

(With both Gettle and Mobley dead, Vault Hunter opens up the chest and collects the loot.)

Mordecai: Congrats -- hope ya make better use of them than I did.

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