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The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that becomes available on Sanctuary Bounty Board after A Train to Catch is complete.


"Years ago, Mordecai won the grand prize at Moxxi's Underdome. A little while after that, a thief named Carson stole the loot chest and hid it somewhere in The Dust. Mordecai has informed you that, if you are able to find Carson and figure out where the guns are buried, you can keep them."



Find Mordecai's lost treasure chest
  • Find Carson
  • Pick up ECHO
  • Free Carson from prison
  • Pick up Carson's ECHO
  • Find stash
  • Dig up stash
  • Survive Truxican standoff
  • Open stush


The first objective in this mission is in the Goose's Roost area of The Dust. Southwest of Ellie's Garage, there is a large rock formation that can be used as a ramp to access this area.

The next objective is in Friendship Gulag. Being a Hyperion facility, this area contains many loaders and combat engineers. Carson's body is in a cell where another ECHO indicates Mobley killing Carson before breaking out of jail.

The next objective is on Boot Hill, an old church site with a small cemetery on one side. Mordecai's treasure is in one of the unmarked graves. Mobley emerges from the church after the chest is uncovered, and Gettle, a Hyperion treasure hunter, will also arrive. Both of them want the treasure chest, which leads to a three-way Truxican standoff. Both must be killed to complete the mission. The easiest way to do so is to simply retreat down the hill to play them off against each other before finishing the remaining goon.


"Of the three treasure hunters searching for Mordecai's lost chest, you emerged victorious. Good on ya."

Turn In: The Dust

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  • The "Turn In" object is named as "The Dust" in completion box, although the actual Turn In point is a stash that is the target of the mission's final objectives.
  • Although this mission is typically taken when the Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary following its relocation, there is a narrow window between completion of A Train to Catch and the removal of the power core in Rising Action where the mission can be obtained from the Sanctuary Bounty Board at a much lower level.
  • Gettle and Mobley will respawn after the mission is turned in. Gettle has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Lyudmila sniper rifle while Mobley has an increased chance of droping the legendary Veruc assault rifle.
  • Gettle and Mobley can't be damaged during their entrance.
  • If damaged by an enemy (typically a raging Goliath brought by the player), they will fight it.


  • The mission name is a parody of the 1966 Spaghetti Western film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Besides the title, the mission also has several references to film, such as a contact named Carson (Bill Carson in the film), the treasure is hidden in a cemetery (Boot Hill in the game, Sad Hill in the film), and a three-way standoff for the treasure at the end.
  • When searching for the stash in Boot Hill, the ornaments used in Positive Self Image can be found in the unmarked graves. The ornaments cannot be collected and do not count towards that mission.


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