The Forge is an area in the Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC for the first time becomes accessible during the story mission Breaking and Entering.

It is a Torgue-controlled area, and was constructed to forge the metal used to build the Torgue Arena and Torgue items.


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The Forge

The Forge is a volcanic arena within the wider Forge area. Bikers inhabit a series of buildings linked by catwalks, all suspended over a lake of lava. Buzzards patrol the skies overhead and will attack anyone climbing into the upper levels.

On the roof platform of The Forge, here are three mounted turrets facing the entryway of the tower. Two of them are unique in the game, one firing explosive projectiles instead of bullets (though still at a full automatic rate) and the other one firing the same type of ammunition but in quick bursts of three. The damage they cause can be effective in destroying Piston's Blimp.




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