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The First Vault Hunter is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Patricia Tannis.


"The end has begun, but there's still a chance to avert the apocalypse. The legendary first Vault Hunter, Typhon DeLeon, thinks he can help. They say never meet your heroes, but maybe make an exception just this once."



  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Go to lab
  • Analyze slab
  • Go to bridge
  • Navigate to Nekrotafeyo
  • Use drop pod
  • Go to coordinates
  • Clear camp
  • Redirect power
  • Go to coordinates
  • Enter cave
  • Follow Grouse
  • Meet Typhon
  • Follow Typhon
  • Place Pandora Vault Key
  • Place Eden-6 Vault Key
  • Place Promethea Vault Key



"Maliwan's set up a butt-load of bases between us and the Vault. This is exactly why I tried to keep Nekrotafeyo secret in the first place, but I guess that bird's out of its cage. You gotta get the last Key. I hid it near the Vault."

Turn In: Typhon


  • Mission item: Eridian Analyzer

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