The Family Jewel is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Clay.


"Montgomery Jakobs left a final message for his son, Wainwright, with a clue to find the Eden-6 VAult Key fragments. Hopefully they're just in a safety deposit box or something and not nestled deep in the primeval heart of an untamed jungle. Fingers crossed..."



  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Take record
  • Play record
  • Go to Voracious Canopy
  • Find BALEX
  • Kill tyrant
  • Pick up pink plushie
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Climb to panel
  • Melee panel
  • Cut hydraulic lines
  • Enter the Family Jewel
  • Open door
  • Go through medical bay
  • Grab wires
  • Knock off EMS bot's head
  • Install BALEX
  • Get to security bay
  • Defend BALEX
  • Check out freight entrance
  • Get to security bay
  • Clear security
  • Defend BALEX
  • Go to high security door
  • Kill jabber
  • Retrieve BALEX
  • Get to the bridge
  • Get to container
  • Disconnect container
  • Install BALEX
  • Kill ratch
  • Get to bridge
  • Locate Key fragment
  • Kill GenIVIV
  • Collect Vault Key fragment
  • Collect BALEX
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Get to bridge
  • Kill service bots
  • Install BALEX
  • Pick up hard drive
  • GenIVIV hard drive
  • Give hard drive to Marcus
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis



Turn In: Lilith


  • Mission items:
    • Monty's Wooden Record
    • Ugly Pink Plushie
    • BALEX
    • Vault Key fragment

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