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The Family Jewel is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Clay.


"Montgomery Jakobs left a final message for his son, Wainwright, with a clue to find the Eden-6 Vault Key fragments. Hopefully they're just in a safety deposit box or something and not nestled deep in the primeval heart of an untamed jungle. Fingers crossed..."


The mission takes the Vault Hunters to the Family Jewel, a crashed battleship that was once part of a large fleet of other ships crashed across Eden-6 that transported the first of the Jakobs Corporation. It crashed due to GenIVIV' destructive nature. The Vault Hunters navigate through the wrecked ship fighting the ships automated security bots and turrets.


  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Take record
  • Play record
  • Go to Voracious Canopy
  • Find BALEX
  • Kill tyrant
  • Pick up pink plushie
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Climb to panel
  • Melee panel
  • Cut hydraulic lines
  • Enter the Family Jewel
  • Open door
  • Go through medical bay
  • Grab wires
  • Knock off EMS bot's head
  • Install BALEX
  • Get to security bay
  • Defend BALEX
  • Check out freight entrance
  • Get to security bay
  • Clear security
  • Defend BALEX
  • Go to high security door
  • Kill jabber
  • Retrieve BALEX
  • Get to the bridge
  • Get to container
  • Disconnect container
  • Install BALEX
  • Kill ratch
  • Get to bridge
  • Locate Key fragment
  • Kill GenIVIV
  • Collect Vault Key fragment
  • Collect BALEX
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Get to bridge
  • Kill service bots
  • Install BALEX
  • Pick up hard drive
  • GenIVIV hard drive
  • Give hard drive to Marcus
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis



Turn In: Lilith


  • Mission items:
    • Monty's Wooden Record
    • Ugly Pink Plushie
    • BALEX
    • Vault Key fragment

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