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For the first Sentinel encountered in the Elpis Vault, see The Sentinel (enemy).

The Empyrean Sentinel is the final boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is an ancient, colossal humanoid with a multi-faced head created by the Eridians. Only its upper body is seen; the torso is hidden by the floor.


After the defeat of The Sentinel, it transforms into the Empyrean Sentinel and emerges from the floor of the Vault, releasing pillars of damaging energy as it rotates its first face towards the Vault Hunters. It then proceeds to unleash a powerful barrage of attacks against the Vault Hunters in a three-phased battle.



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  • During and after the mission The Bestest Story Ever Told, Vault Hunters can pay 20 moonstones at four totems outside the Vault's entrance. Entering the vault after all four totems have been paid will cause The Sentinel and The Empyrean Sentinel to be replaced by The Invincible Sentinel and The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel respectively.
  • The Empyrean Sentinel is a flesh-based enemy and takes more damage from incendiary weapons.
  • The Empyrean Sentinel has a chance to drop Eridian Vanquisher class mods for each character.
    • The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel has a chance to drop the Black Hole shield, and the Longnail sniper rifle.
      • The Empyrean Sentinel's shields can be directly bypassed with the Longnail.
    • As of the March 24th patch, the Empyrean Sentinel now has a chance to drop loot items also assigned to Colonel Zarpedon and her Mech Suit, including heads and skins, The ZX-1 laser, and the Prismatic Bulwark shield.


  • "The Empyrean" is a reference to religious theology, wherein which it is the highest heaven (or in the case of Dante's Paradiso, the abode of God), following the theme of ascension present in most if not all Eridian enemies.

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