The Electric Chair is an effervescent grenade mod manufactured by Vladof. The Electric Chair is only dropped by Uranus in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Special Weapon Effects

The truth is often one's best shield. – Causes a shock explosion within the range of the Tesla, before launching eight smaller range, child grenades in an even distribution around the deployment point (four upwards, four downwards). These grenades travel in a straight line unaffected by gravity, detonate on contact with a surface, then behave like child Tesla grenades.


  • The Electric Chair has a 10% chance to be dropped by Uranus.
  • The effect of the Electric Chair is an enhanced version of the special effect used by the Storm Front, with altered child grenades that cause a large shock trail behind them.


  • The flavor text refers to James Rollins' The Devil Colony book. The full quote is "The truth is often one's best shield".
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