The Dove is a unique repeater pistol manufactured by Dahl. The Dove can be obtained as a reward from the Altar Ego: Godless Monsters mission, or as a rare drop from Slither.

A list of variants can be found on the talk page.

Special Effects

Sometimes, I forget to reload. – Does not consume ammo. Does not need to be reloaded.

Usage & Description

The Dove is an average repeater pistol with the ability to not consume ammo. This ability can come in handy for extended fights. Players never have to worry about running out of ammo or even having to reload during a skirmish.

The Dove comes with predefined basic parts (body, mag, no sight, action) with the only variable part being the accessory. It is best saved as a back up, in case the Vault Hunter's main weapons run low on or out of ammo. The Dove can also be used to finish off damaged targets, saving primary weapon ammo for targets that pose more of a threat.


The Dove's effect comes from the TheDove_barrel4 barrel. This part has similar handling characteristics to those of barrel4, but lacks the damage boost. Instead, it gives one bullet free per trigger pull. The unique material for The Dove, TheDove_Material, only adds one tech level but has no other effects. It is drastically different from any other Dahl material. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

TheDove_barrel4 barrel4
Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Recoil: +10%
Spread: -30%
Tech Level: +1
Shot Cost: -1
Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Recoil: +35%
Spread: -30%
Tech Level: +1

Damage: +30%
TheDove_Material Material_Dahl_1
Tech Level: +1
Accuracy Maximum: 60%
Accuracy Minimum: +15%
Recoil: -30%
Spread: +20%


  • The Dove can be found with the Double accessory. The Dove will fire two shots at a time, but will consume one bullet per shot. This effect will negate the zero-ammo consumption effect and will necessitate reloads.
  • The Dove can also be found with elemental damage modifiers, allowing players to easily max out that particular challenge award. Especially useful when corrosive or incendiary, the Dove becomes a great primary weapon because of the stacked DoT.
  • The Dove can be found with the Hornet accessory, which gives the Feel the Sting effect. The name changes to BLR Hornet and displays the Hornet's red text, but not the Dove's (though it still has the Dove's ability).
  • The Dove can never spawn with an attached scope.
  • Skills and class mods can be used to increase fire rate while still never having to reload.
  • If out of ammo the Dove will not fire, making it necessary to keep at least one bullet in the inventory when using the Dove.
  • If a Siren has the Phoenix skill, they can regenerate ammunition by firing The Dove while Phoenix is active.


  • The weapon is a reference to John Woo's movies. In his films, doves are often used as set pieces whenever the main character performs a stunt, and, no one ever seems to have to reload throughout the duration of any gunfight scene.