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The Devil's Footstool is an arena-type area located in the far north of The Salt Flats. It is a large pillar of stone, that can only be reached by entering a bus hanging from a wire. In this arena, up to four friends can battle. In The Devil's Footstool there is a terminal that only the host can use. At this terminal the host can decide whether players will fight in teams of two or in an all-out free for all. The arena mode (which is currently grayed out and always set to "Come as you are") and which weapons are allowed to be used in the fight (though this option is also grayed out) is also selected here.

Should the combatants in an arena match fail to score any damage on each other for a minute they will begin to sustain light damage from the arena environment itself. This pressures participants to come out of hiding and resume the fight.


  • The duels fought in this arena do not count for the duel challenge.


  • At the Devil's Footstool, players can look back to the Salt Flats and see Thor rotating in the distance, whereas in the actual Salt Flats it is stationary.
  • Gaining a victory in an arena match will unlock the achievement, Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?