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The Descent is a cave system accessed from the north-west of The Salt Flats, with the bottom end connecting to Eridian Promontory. Much of the area consists of shafts that must be descended and when this is done there is no path back up.


The Trash Feeders will be startled and take to the air shortly after the vault hunters enter the area. They are of little importance and will not attack unless provoked. However, they will still show up as enemies on the radar, and so clearing them out may make it easier to track Guardians.

Most of the Crimson Lance and the Guardians will be found in a pitched battle in the huge chamber in the middle of the area. The vault hunters arrive on the scene from a high vantage point on one side of the conflict, so targets can be picked out with long range weapons from a safe distance, or the option of a more hectic fight can be adopted by jumping down into the fray.

There are two guaranteed Badass Guardian spawns; one at the first red chest, and the other in the large chamber fighting Crimson Lance forces.

Points of Interest

There are four red chests in this area. One at the top will be apparently unguarded until a Badass Guardian appears when the chest is approached. A second one, near the first, is on a ledge to the left in the natural chimney forming the first half of the area and can be reached by jumping several thin stones protruding from the sides. A white weapons chest can also be found near the bottom of the natural chimney. The final two red chests are in the huge chamber at the bottom.

Weapon Crates

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  • There are no vending machines of any kind in this area.
  • The Descent only allows travel one way. Upon taking the first drop, it's impossible to jump back up. Players must Fast Travel to exit the cave system.