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The Demon in the Dark is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Wren.


"A bot head without a body? Surely this indicates some deeper mystery in the dark, just waiting to be uncovered."
"Help an adventurer-bot find the lost expedition of Alkonost and the famed Eridian city of Azamak-mur!"



  • Find and pull nearby switch
  • Pick up Wren's head
  • Find Wren's body
  • Reattach Wren's head
  • Follow Wren
  • Search for Alkonost
  • Find that incessant beeping!
  • Melee varkid poop
  • Deactivate Lark's alarm
  • Activate Eridian runes (3)
  • Continue searching for Alkonost
  • Locate signal
  • Find and retreive second signal
  • Investigate disturbance
  • "Find" final bot
  • Defeat Lagromar
  • Pick up Alkonost's head
  • Find way out
  • Return head and arm to Wren



"Eridium... I had hoped it to be an offering to Alkonost and Azamak-mur, but both are lost. What sorrow, what sorrow. All that's left to me now is seek out the fabled city of Iktok-gofeldor-maruun. Surely you've heard of it? No? What sorrow!"

Turn In: Wren


  • Mission items:
    • Wren's Head
    • The Entrance to Azamak-mur
    • Deserted ECHO Log
    • Alkonost's Arm
    • Alkonost's Head
  • It is possible to obtain two Chompers during this mission; one as the mission reward and the second one as a rare drop from Lagromar.

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