The Dawn of New Pandora is the first story mission of the Borderlands 2 DLC Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary.The mission is performed, starting at Sanctuary and continuing in The Backburner.


"Now that Hyperion's gone, we got ourselves a window of opportunity. Time to execute the maneuver that'll put us on the path to paradise. Dropships are prepped, plans are in motion. The men are rearing to go. They haven't had a good fight in years. (chuckle) Oh, these Crimson Raider idiots have no idea what's about to hit 'em. Yeah, they mighta been some of the toughest S-O-B's around once upon a time, but I think peacetime's dulled their edge. All we gotta do is take back our old ship. Then the real fun begins." Colonel Hector



  • Repel the assault
  • Find base camp
  • Secure camp
  • Secure the main camp
  • Meet Vaughn
  • Reset firewall relays: 0/3
  • Power up camp
  • Defeat infected



"After Sanctuary was attacked and overrun by mutant bioterrorists, Lilith teleported you and other Crimson Raiders to safety. She's tasked you with finding and establishing a base camp while she searches for the other Crimson Raiders.

Mission Transcript

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