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The Darkness is a hidden enemy that can be found only in Hatred's Shadow in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC.


The Darkness is a wall of darkness. It appears as a black void, similar to any other cave entrance, but also has a health bar and takes damage from regular attacks. Killing The Darkness awards XP and reveals a closed door with a porthole. Beyond the porthole is a dice treasure chest, a camp fire and a bloody-eye symbol on the wall. This door can be opened by walking up to it after defeating The Darkness with the Magic Missile grenade.[1]

The Darkness is located in Hatred's Shadow, at the end of the Orc encampments. Before entering the Pits and past Sir Gallow, all the way to the right, there is an area with a camp fire and two sleeping bags. Directly to the left is The Darkness.




  • Defeating The Darkness with Magic Missile is a reference to the 1996 comedy CD skit by the group Dead Alewives in which a Dungeons & Dragons player attempts to cast Magic Missile at The Darkness.