The Cure is a unique shotgun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained from the mission The Shadow Over Cursehaven.

Special Weapon Effects

Vaccinations save lives. Sorry, no joke here! Just facts. – Fixed parts. Guaranteed second barrel attachment and single shot firing mode. Restores health with each hit.

Usage & Description

The Cure is simply a fixed Jakobs shotgun with guaranteed prefixes, with the added bonus of restoring health on a hit. As a result of its healing perk and parts, it easily substitutes for any purple-grade world drop Jakobs shotgun and is powerful for close encounters.


  • Due to the weapon's double-barrel accessory, if the final round activates FL4K's Leave No Trace skill, the first refunded round will fire at a slower rate, but then other refunded rounds in the same magazine will fire at the normal fire rate again.


  • The Cure is Wainwright Jakobs' personal shotgun. It is seen in his introduction cutscene and is given some lore in-game, as he uses it as a replacement for a rifle due to his horrid eyesight.
  • The flavor text references the modern controversy over vaccine hesitancy.
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