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The Crimson Tollway is an area in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. It consists almost entirely of a long stretch of highway.


The Crimson Tollway is the southern highway connecting T-Bone Junction to the Deep Fathoms. The Crimson Lance control the road here and their blockade must be defeated before travel can continue further south. Crimson Lancers patrol the roads presenting occasional obstacles to contend with, and these are further reinforced by numerous Lance Probes.

There is a gap in the north end of the tollway, which can be easily be crossed via the ramps. Use of a vehicle's after burner is not necessary to make the jump in a Racer, although ensures a safe jump in a Monster. Lancers on the other hand, tend to be a poor choice of vehicle to jump this gap, even when boosted.

Points of Interest[]


The Roadblock is a Crimson Lance bastion and checkpoint controlling passage on the Crimson Tollway. It is manned by various Crimson Lance troopers, including high concentrations of Lance Shock Troopers.

Weapon Crates[]

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  • A sign can be found that reads "Secret Final Boss 20 KM."
  • In-game map shows Bounty Board at the road block, where in reality none is present.
  • It is possible to reach the desert floor of this area. The character must have an explosive grenade (a sticky variant is preferred) to jump the gap in the highway near the transition to Deep Fathoms. The grenade has to be thrown onto the left piece of rebar and a jump has to be properly timed. Follow where the road ends to the left and fall off the end.