The Cradle is a legendary shield made by Tediore. The Cradle is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Henry located in The Highlands.

Special Shield Effects the grave. – When shield is depleted, the shield is tossed in similar fashion to other Tediore weapons to cause an explosion.

Usage and Description

The Cradle is a fairly low capacity, but fast charging shield. After the shield breaks, it gets thrown like a grenade, exploding with an Explosive Nova. A level 50 cradle will only deal about 5,000 damage making it ineffective on high level enemies, but a low level Cradle will work well on low level enemies.


  • The Cradle can spawn with resistance to elemental and explosive damage.
  • Kills made with this shield count toward the Boomerbang challenge.


  • The Cradle's name and flavor text comes from a common saying, "From the cradle to the grave", which in this case, refers to the shield's disposable aspect once depleted.
  • The Cradle is one of four weapons and items in Borderlands 2 to have unique white flavor text, with the other three being the Fibber, the Mongol, and the Unforgiven.
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