The Cost of Progress is the sixth story mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed, starting at The Backburner and continuing in Dahl Abandon, and Mt. Scarab Research Center.


You helped Tina construct an armor-penetrating missile for Helios' moonshot cannon. After firing the missile and successfully blowing down the door to Cassius' lab, Lilith teleported you back to base camp. The way to the lab, and the antidote to the gas is clear. Time is running out.
Well, That vegetated quickly. To complete the antidote, Cassius has asked you to bring him a sample of Mordecai's infected blood. You'll need to make your own way through the cursed-haunted Old Dahl Mines to reach his facility.
The decontamination process affected the sample of Mordecai's blood. Without another sample of infected blood, you can't synthetize a cure for the gas. There's only one other person with suitable blood nearby. Cassius has been exposed to the gas, and has already started to mutate into a vine freak. Kill him, and finish the antidote.



  • Check on Mordecai
  • Collect blood sample from Mordecai
  • Enter Dahl mine
  • Reach Cassius' lab
  • Enter Mt. Scarab Research Center
  • Vent the gas out of the room
  • Vent the gas out
  • Scan Mordecai's blood sample
  • Open bio-containment valve
  • Kill Infected Cassius
  • Pick up Cassius' blood sample
  • Scan Cassius' blood
  • Take the antidote



Turn In: Cassius Lab Hyperion Scanner

Mission Transcript

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  • Mission item: Mordecai blood sample - "Mordy's vined-up blood. Don't drop it."
  • Mission item: Cassius' Blood Sample - "That good red stuff."
  • Mission item: Antidote - "Cooked in Cassius' lab. Grants immunity to the gas and access to Sanctuary to fight Hector."



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