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The Clipper is a unique machine pistol manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Don't drop it... might lose a toe. – +100% Melee Damage, Incendiary x1

Usage & Description[]

The Clipper is an average machine pistol that has a unique combination of abilities. It is the only weapon with an elemental effect and a melee accessory. The blade can stun targets while the elemental effect wears down the target's health.

The Clipper can be an effective weapon early on in the game, since it is acquired in Skag Gully, and the numerous skags in surrounding areas are vulnerable to both fire elemental and melee attacks. Despite only having a x1 elemental accessory, the Clipper procs quite often, making it a good incendiary weapon early in the game.

The Clipper's effect comes from the TheClipper_acc5_Incendiary accessory. This part combines the effects of the acc5_Incendiary and acc1_Fanged parts, and appears as a blade attachment under the barrel. The unique material TheClipper_Material has lower accuracy like all Vladof materials, but it trades the traditional faster fire rate for faster reload speed instead. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

TheClipper_acc5_Incendiary acc5_Incendiary acc1_Fanged
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6
Melee Damage: +100%
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6

Melee Damage: +100%
TheClipper_Material Material_Vladof_1
Spread: +50%
Reload Speed: -30%
Spread: +32%

Fire Rate: +44%



  • The official players guide states that Nine-Toes believes his toe to have been used in voodoo practices by Bone Head.
  • Prior to the Enhanced edition release, the melee damage was bugged and was non-functional. This is fixed in the Enhanced Edition
  • Originally, Nine Toes' weapon would have been (a now scrapped gun type) grenade launcher named "The Big Toe".
  • Blizzard has paid tribute to Borderlands by including a dagger drop Easter Egg of the same name as an in their game, Diablo 3. The dagger may have variable stats, but contains the quote in its detail box, "Don't drop it, you might lose a toe". The mini-boss monster that drops this is randomly generated in Act II called "Nine Toads" with the annotation "Terror of the Borderlands".