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The Chosen One is a mission in Borderlands 2. It is given by Marcus Kincaid to find Kai, a man who owes him nine bucks.



  • Find Kai
  • Pick up Kai's ECHOs: 0/3


Marcus has given too much change in a gun sale to a man who was last seen in Sawtooth Cauldron. The ECHO journalist has left several ECHO logs around the area, marked by blue waypoints, each telling part of a story of how he met Marcus and was conned into buying an overpriced gun. All three of these must be retrieved in order to complete the optional objective with a greater reward, but are not necessary to complete the mission itself.

The nine dollars is on the missing man's corpse, marked by a white waypoint marker. To reach him one must first traverse areas populated by bandits, and the corpse is near a pond inhabited by various threshers.


"You've reunited Marcus with his one true love and learned a little something about prophecies in the process."

Turn In: Marcus



  • The Chosen One can be done along with Toil and Trouble as much of the area covered in this mission overlaps with that of Toil and Trouble.
  • The mission reward contains money exceeding nine dollars.
  • The Evil Smasher sold to Kai is obtained from Marcus rather than Kai's body, even though Marcus sold it to Kai and the Vault Hunters were not instructed to pick up the gun during the mission.

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