For the similarly named unique assault rifle in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, see CHOPPER.

The Chopper is a unique machine gun manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects

RAR! BRAR BRAR! – Unloads the entire magazine with one trigger pull unless interrupted. Fires 4-round spreads with an ammo cost of 6. Heavily increased magazine size.

Drop Guide


  • It is possible to interrupt The Chopper with a melee attack, reloading or switching guns.
  • It is impossible for any ammo regeneration bonuses to keep up with the fire rate of the gun.
  • When combined with a Heavy Gunner + team members with Support Gunner/Centurion class mods + Roland's Overload and Assault skills, the magazine can hold more than 1120 combat rifle bullets with the maximum combat rifle SDU.
  • Because of The Chopper's special effect, it's possible to start firing the gun, and then sprint in the desired direction while the gun continues to fire.
  • The Chopper seems to have a rarer drop cycle than most boss-specific guns do. It is an uncommon drop from Motorhead but may be farmed.


  • The red text is a palindromic and onomatopoeic representation of a revving engine.
  • The Chopper with a RoF? of 18.0 takes only twelve and a half seconds to fire 1120 rounds.


The Chopper effect comes from the acc4_TheChopper accessory. This part is solely responsible for all of The Chopper's characteristics, and is loosely based on acc4_Deathly. The Chopper is made of Material_TheChopper_3, which is equivalent to Material_Vladof_3. The Chopper's only part restriction is the magazine, which must be mag4 or mag5 (not mag2 or mag5_VladofRevolution). Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

acc4_TheChopper acc4_Deathly
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Recoil: +100%

Spread: +2
Spread: +200%
Burst Count: +200000%
Projectile Count: +3
Shot Cost: +500%
Clip Size: +500
Fire Rate: +100%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Recoil: -25%
Damage: +20%
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