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For the similarly named unique assault rifle in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, see CHOPPER.

The Chopper is a unique machine gun exclusive to the The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC for Borderlands and is manufactured by Vladof.
It has a chance to drop from Motorhead located at Abomination Way in The Ridgeway.

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Special Weapon Effects

RAR! BRAR BRAR! – Unloads the entire magazine with one trigger pull unless interrupted. Fires 4-rounds for 6 ammo per shot. Increased magazine size and fire rate but reduced accuracy. Never spawns with an element.

Usage & Description

The Chopper will begin to continuously fire as soon as the trigger is pulled and will not stop until the magazine is depleted or the user performs a melee attack, reloads or switches guns. Learning to stop the weapon mid-fire is essential to effectively use it.

The Chopper is capable of outputting high damage at the cost of high ammo consumption and benefits heavily from COMs or effects that regenerate ammo. Additionally, The Chopper's low accuracy limits the weapon to close-mid range encounters.


  • It is impossible for any ammo regeneration bonuses to keep up with the fire rate of the gun.
  • When combined with a Heavy Gunner + team members with Support Gunner/Centurion class mods + Roland's Overload and Assault skills, the magazine can hold more than 1120 combat rifle bullets with the maximum combat rifle SDU.
  • Because of The Chopper's special effect, it's possible to start firing the gun, and then sprint in the desired direction while the gun continues to fire.


  • The Chopper's name refers to the slang term "chopper" referring to a road motorcycle. The red text is an onomatopoeic representation of a revving engine.
    • "Chopper" is also a slang term for an assault rifle.
  • The Chopper with a fire rate of 18.0 takes only twelve and a half seconds to fire 1120 rounds.


The Chopper effect comes from the acc4_TheChopper accessory. This part is solely responsible for all of The Chopper's characteristics, and is loosely based on acc4_Deathly. The Chopper is made of Material_TheChopper_3, which is equivalent to Material_Vladof_3. The Chopper's only part restriction is the magazine, which must be mag4 or mag5 (not mag2 or mag5_VladofRevolution). Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

acc4_TheChopper acc4_Deathly
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Recoil: +100%

Spread: +2
Spread: +200%
Burst Count: +200000%
Projectile Count: +3
Shot Cost: +500%
Clip Size: +500
Fire Rate: +100%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Recoil: -25%
Damage: +20%