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The Call of Gythian is the final story mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"Wainwright, possessed, has escaped his bonds and fled to Eleanor, and Hammerlock is in fast pursuit. You now have the means to breach the protection around the venue. You must break the heart of a monster to save your friends. What could go wrong?"



  • Go to The Lodge
  • Regroup with Gaige
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Take The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge
  • Go to Cursehaven
  • Meet with Gaige
  • Follow Gaige
  • Enter Heart's Desire
    • Secure area
    • Follow Gaige
    • Activate device on Deathtrap
    • Defend Deathtrap
    • Speak to Gaige
  • Reach the monster's heart
  • Reach Gythian's heart
    • Find secret passage
    • Find missing antler
    • Place antler
    • Reach Vincent's office
    • Search the desk
    • Press the secret button
    • Reach underground
    • Kill Tom and Xam
    • Examine strange rune
    • Open the monster gate
  • Destroy Gythian's heart
  • Officiate wedding


  • Mission items:
    • Lower Face Antler - Somehow both calcified and spongy.


Video Walkthrough