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The Bosun is the tertiary antagonist of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is found within Pity's Fall on board the Drakensburg, and is fought as part of the mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion.


Formerly known as Keith, the Bosun was an AI tech working for the Dahl corporation before the Crackening. After discovering the wreck of the Drakensburg, he used his skills to modify the ship's AI, the Skipper, to be his girlfriend (Skipper claims that he "wasn't a hit with the ladies") and co-leader of his gang of scavs.


The Bosun is identified by Pickle as a collector of artificial intelligence that might be useful to build Jack's robot army. Pickle also mentioned that he will not give up the AI willingly, so he has to be killed. Using this as a chance to escape, Skipper betrayed him and helped the Vault Hunters to reach his room, where he is killed.



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  • Bosun is short name for Boatswain, a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew. In this case, he is in charge of the scavs in the ship and the mechanical part.
  • Bosun has an increased chance of dropping the Cryophobia and the IVF, as well as following heads:
    • Athena's "Fortified"
    • Nisha's "Hothead"
    • Claptrap's "WR4P-TP"
    • Wilhelm's "Cyber Scientist"
    • Jack's "A Dull Boy"
    • Aurelia's "Ghost-Vision"