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The Big-D is a named turret only found in the Big Donny's Chop Shop at the far-southern end of The Splinterlands.


The Big-D is a heavily modified Badass Tink Sentry turret. It is equipped with a multi-barrel rocket launcher capable of firing salvos of accurate and deadly missiles. It can switch to mortar mode where it fires multiple rounds straight up. These rounds fall around The Big-D dealing not only blast damage but creating large shock-charged puddles on the ground as well. For the close range protection, it is equipped with four flame throwers.


Guided missiles are very accurate and can inflict a lot of damage and fast. Taking cover behind a large obstacle and waiting for the mortar mode is the best way to avoid missile hits. Spots where mortar rounds will land are marked with large red projections on the ground. Once in the mortar mode, The Big-D can not directly attack Vault Hunters so they should use this break to inflict as much damage as possible using strong corrosive weapons. In higher game modes, The Big-D gets a shield which has to be depleted before corrosive weapons are used.