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The Berserker is a unique non-respawning Guardian miniboss fought only during the Footsteps of Giants story mission in Borderlands 3.


The Berserker is encountered as the final enemy guarding the Vault of the Serpent.



The Berserker is a unique Guardian in that it will fight from medium range as well as close range. It tends to walk towards the character white shooting projectiles out of its unique X spear until it is in melee range and cannot be deterred.

  • The Berserker has the following attacks and moves:
    • Beam burst - Shoots 3-6 precise projectiles from its staff while walking.
    • Beam slash - Ranged attack that sends out a long curved red beam through the air.
    • Backhand swing - Wide slash with its staff.
    • Forward slash - Closer range slash with its staff, typically used after a dash.
    • Jab - Short jab with the staff.
    • Kick - Kick with its right foot while rearing up a sword.
    • Dash - Used to close distance, usually followed up with a shorter staff swing.
    • Jump Smash – Jumps and smashes the ground on impact.
    • Somersault backward - Performs a backward somersault (used to put distance between it and the character).
    • Side flip - Used to avoid damage or reposition (Used before a healing spell).
    • Healing spell - Upon taking severe damage, it plants its staff into the ground and a red aura forms around it. Health regen either starts instantaneously and takes around 4 seconds to heal or can take up to 15 seconds to begin regen, leaving the Berserker exposed for upwards of 20 seconds. It can be used infinite times and only affects shield health. It is almost always followed by a jump smash.
    • Passive reflection - Its body reflects bullets shot at it.
    • Slash taunt - Upon downing the character, it will spin its staff and slash downward to its right side.
  • The Berserker has an armor health bar as well as the normal guardian shield health, both of which are very durable.


  • Like other stronger guardians, The Berserker cannot be possessed by red spirits.
  • When navigating a change in elevation, it will pull up to mantle, and somersaults down get down.