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The Beard Makes The Man is an optional mission given by Claptrap in the Mines of Avarice in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.



  • Crush Drunk Dwarves: 0/5
  • Beard Picked Up: 0/5
  • Get dwarves drunk: 0/5 (optional)
  • Put beard pieces into forge: 0/3
  • Strike Forge
  • Collect Magic Beard
  • Give beard to Claptrap


A mission-specific gun, the Grog Nozzle, appears in character inventories while this mission is active. Shooting a dwarf with this gun induces drunkenness in them, and this is represented by a name change where the word "Drunk" is added as a prefix to their regular designation, and also covers them in a purple sheen. The best way to get them drunk is shooting them in the head (critical) with Grog Nozzle.


Path to the forge

Drunk dwarves must then be lured to a crusher, where switches at each end will activate the machine and crush the dwarf. They must be drunk before they drop their beard pieces.

The beard pieces are then taken to a forge where three of them must be laid down and hammered to form a single magic beard. This is then collected and returned to Claptrap for the reward.


If you have a full beard and a robe, you're a wizard. A robe and a goatee, you're a warlock. A robe and a mustache? You're not allowed near public schools.

Turn In: Claptrap


  • Unless one is a completionist, it is advised that this mission never be turned in, so as to keep the Grog Nozzle permanently. The usefulness of this weapon is far greater than the reward.
  • Mission Item: Dwarven Beard - "Smells like booze and profanity."
  • The Beard Makes The Man's quest code is GD_Aster_ClapTrapBeard.M_ClapTrapBeard