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The Bane is an optional mission in Borderlands 2. Depending on the game version, it becomes available after The Once and Future Slab is completed (Borderlands 2), or found straight in Mines of Avarice (A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure).


"You have heard rumors of a powerful, cursed gun known as The Bane. With some help from Marcus Kincaid, you may be able to find this legendary weapon."


It is noted that some people in the mission will only leave a message. In Borderlands 2 the message is in the form of an ECHO recorder, while in A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure the message becomes a scroll with some recording magic.


  • Ask Marcus about the gun known as The Bane.
  • Find Horace in The Dust / Unassuming Docks
  • Pick up McNally's ECHO / Scroll
  • Pick up Gar's ECHO / Map
  • Search cemetery for The Bane


The mission begins with the message of a dead bandit, found outside of Moxxi's or beside a mine cart in Camp Dwarf Torture.

The first objective is to see Marcus and ask him about the Bane. He mentions that a man named Horace bought the gun.

Horace is found dead in Bug Gulch (Borderlands 2) or The Forlorn Ruins (A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure). He leaves a message that reveals the next portion of the Bane's story and the next objective. This message mentions McNally as the next person to find.

Mcnally can be found in the Dust in a shack between Goose's Roost and the Hodunk Speedway (Borderlands 2), or east of Fields of the Fallen where the Vault Symbol is at (A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure). McNally will immediately attack anyone who approaches. Once killed, he drops the next message which reveals the next piece of the story and a man named Gar.

From this point, the story diverges.

Borderlands 2[]

Gar can be found dead in Gunslinger's Corner of Lynchwood. Taking his ECHO recorder and map completes the story and points out the location of the Bane where it has been buried in the southern part of Lynchwood. The final turn-in location is a flower growing from the grave.

A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure[]

Return to Flamerock Refuge. Outside the Seraph Vendor there is a thick rope tied to a building (where a Vault Symbol can be found). Go along the rope to reach the balcony of the building, then jump to the roof of another building on the left. From there, run to the other side of the building and jump to the giant bird nest on a large tree, where Gar's map can be found.

This map gives a location back in Immortal Woods. Go to the northwest corner of Sacred Ruins area, there is a lone crypt at the border area. When the player comes close, a Badass Skeleton named Gar, The Cursed appears from the ground and will attack the player. Killing this skeleton is optional however. Check the grave where Gar appears, and the Bane is finally discovered.


"You have successfully tracked down the mythical gun known as The Bane. Congratulations. Maybe."

Turn In: The Grow


  • The mission reward: unique submachine gun Bane.
  • Text of 'An Old ECHO Recorder' item reads: My last worlds...
  • Although the mission does not become available until after The Once and Future Slab is complete, the dead bandit and the ECHO recorder appear outside Moxxi's during/after Bright Lights, Flying City.

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