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The Backdoor is located west of The Salt Flats. At the end is a one-way transition to Crimson Fastness.


This map is unlocked after the Vault Key is taken by Commandant Steele and the Vault hunters are forced to take action. It is a secret passage into the Crimson Fastness, which in turn leads to the Crimson Enclave.


Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Points of Interest[]

  • The final chamber where the boss fight takes place unveils a brief preview look at Commandant Steele, as she gives orders to kill the intruders, and then Master McCloud will make an appearance to provide a climactic boss fight for the end of the level.

Weapon Crate Locations[]

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  • The Backdoor's map is essentially the same as part of the Lost Cave, aside from the final area containing Master McCloud, which repeats elements of the round chamber at the end of Sledge's Safehouse.
  • Even though Commandant Steele dies in the mission Find Steele, she will still appear in The Backdoor.