The Backburner is an area in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2. Once unlocked it becomes a base of operations for accessing the other areas of the DLC.




Allied NPCs gradually arrive to populate the area when various missions are completed.

Points of Interest

Abandoned camp

The uppermost area of The Backburner is the abandoned camp. Derelict equipment lies strewn around, and there are numerous basic lootable objects nestled against old shacks, but there is little else of interest in this area.

The Backburner

The core of the area is The Backburner itself, a collection of dwellings surrounded by the three old flamethrowers that give the area its name. As Sanctuary's refugees arrive to inhabit the area, several of them set themselves up in the Backburner.

Vaughn's HQ

Vaughn's HQ is a raised structure on the fringe of the central Backburner area. Quickly adopted as the new base of operations for the leadership of the Crimson Raiders, it is also furnished with some vending machines.





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