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The Agonizer 9000 is a giant murderbot operated by Pain and Terror. It is a purpose-built machine designed and equipped to sacrifice anyone, be they COV or Vault Hunter, in the name of the Twin Gods.

The Agonizer 9000 serves as the boss of the story mission, Blood Drive.


Unlike most story bosses, The Agonizer 9000 has two health bars, which correspond to the two phases of the fight. The first health bar consists entirely of armor, making corrosive damage the most effective way of dealing damage. The second health bar is unique in that it is purple, and is weak to every source of damage.

The critical hit points for The Agonizer 9000 are its glowing eyes, back-mounted gas tank, pressure valve at its "navel", and various electrical boxes scattered around its body. These critical hit locations will be disabled after taking a certain amount of damage. The "mask" of The Agonizer 9000 is immune to damage but can be broken away with attacks, after which that part of the face can be damaged normally.

During the first phase of the fight, The Agonizer 9000 will employ several different attacks. Note that it will not use the same attack twice in a row:

  • Knife Chop: The Agonizer 9000 will remove the knife from its head and slice down on the arena multiple times, usually near the Vault Hunter. This attack has a slight area of effect.
  • Tenderizer: The Agonizer 9000 will remove its spiked shoulder guard and hover it above the Vault Hunter for a few seconds before slamming it downward. The impact location is clearly denoted by the glowing red spot on the ground and can be dodged by running out of the spot once it stops moving.
  • Mega Blender: The Agonizer 9000 will deploy a chainsaw from its mouth that covers the entire radius of the arena. it will then begin to slowly spin around the arena twice. To avoid it, the Vault Hunter will need to either jump over (if the teeth face up) or crouch down (teeth down). The attack can switch direction and height in later phases. Any COV cultist hit by the mega blender will be instantly killed regardless of difficulty.
  • Gesture: The Agonizer 9000 will make various gestures from threatening (cut-throat) to exasperated (facepalm). This attack is purely cosmetic and presents an opportunity to deal significant damage.

Additionally, The Agonizer 9000 has two "passive" attacks that it will use in conjunction with the moves listed above:

  • Flame Jets: Various sections of the arena will glow red for a few seconds before flame jets fire up from the floor. This attack is very clearly telegraphed and can be avoided by moving off of the glowing section.
  • Sawblade Launcher: A rotating saw launcher located in front of the navel valve will follow the Vault Hunter and occasionally launch a sawblade. This can easily be avoided by waiting for the blade to launch and stepping out of the way. The Sawblade Launcher is considered part of The Agonizer 9000 and can be shot at to damage the boss. However, because it is not considered a critical hit spot, it cannot be destroyed

Once its health has been reduced by 1/3, Pain will announce the "audience participation segment", which will cause Fanatics, Tinks, and Psychos to begin spawning from various doors around the arena throughout the rest of the fight. Additionally, walls of various sizes will begin to spawn around the arena, which can both provide cover from the new adds and impede movement. However, these walls can be completely destroyed with sustained fire.

Upon having its health reduced by 2/3, The Agonizer 9000 will take a quick "commercial break" and retreat into its hole. While in its hole, The Agonizer 9000 cannot be damaged by any means. During the break, several ammo containers will spawn around the arena, allowing the Vault Hunter to regain ammo and/or health. Note that after a few seconds, the ammo containers will self-destruct and damage the Vault Hunter if they are too close. Once the break ends, The Agonizer 9000 will pop back up and Pain will announce that "they are all in", which causes all of The Agonizer's attacks to become faster or cover a wider area.

Once all of the health from the first bar has been depleted, The Agonizer 9000 will malfunction and expose its Eridium core and the second phase will begin. During this phase, the critical hit spot changes to the glowing core, which can be destroyed in only a few hits. Additionally, The Agonizer 9000's only attack during this phase is a continuous energy beam from the core. However, this attack only covers a small area in front of the core and has low accuracy. It should be noted that while the body of The Agonizer 9000 can still receive damage in this phase, it gains damage resistance to the point that it is effectively immune.

Once defeated during the story, Pain and Terror will be ejected from the machine and land flat on the ground. They can be killed by any source of damage, which causes loot to burst across the arena. On successive defeats, the Agonizer 9000 will simply smash into the arena before erupting in a lootsplosion and falling into its hole.


All quotes are said by Pain.

  • "Viewers, comment on the stream and tell us how you want the Vault Thief to die! We've got moderators are standing by!" (Entrance)
  • "Here's how you make an entrance!" (Entrance)
  • "Peekaboo, Vault Thief!" (Entrance)
  • "Witness the Agonizer 9000!" (Entrance)
  • "Here's a fan favorite: a big giant knife!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "You can't cut it, but we can!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Terror! Get the knife!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Knife time!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Slice and dice!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "That's it! You're cut!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Things are lookin' dicey!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Chop! Chop!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Cleaver!" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "Hey! "Knife" to meet you! Ha ha, get it?" (Using Knife Chop)
  • "By popular demand... it's the mega-blender!" (Using Mega Blender)
  • "Time to tender you up... with the Tenderizer!" (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Aren't ya a little tall for a Vault Thief? Let's fix that." (Using Tenderizer)
  • "A smash hit!" (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Terror! Right there! Get 'em!" (Using Tenderizer)
  • "We're gonna need a mop for you." (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Smashy smashy." (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Pulp 'em, Terror." (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Look out below!" (Using Tenderizer)
  • "Let's turn up the heat!" (Activating flame jets)
  • "The Vault Thief is on fire! Or at least they're about to be." (Activating flame jets)
  • "Who's hungry for some barbecue?" (Activating flame jets)
  • "Get out there and show the Vault Thief how sharp your teeth are!" (Beginning "audience participation")
  • "I wanna see those teeth!" (Beginning "audience participation")
  • "Make some noise, you filthy animals!" (Beginning "audience participation")
  • "Now for the audience participation segment. (Beginning "audience participation")
  • "Come on down and join the fight! No waivers needed!" (Beginning "audience participation")
  • "We see you!" (Taunting)
  • "Hey. Tiny. Get bent!" (Taunting)
  • "Terror, show them what they've won!" (Taunting)
  • "Time to die!" (Taunting)
  • "All eyes on you, Vault Thief!" (Taunting)
  • "Let me hear you SCREAM!" (Taunting)
  • "Just like that!" (Taunting)
  • "You've GOT to be kidding me!" (Facepalming)
  • "Oh, for the love of the Twins!" (Facepalming)
  • "What kinda show do you think this is?" (Facepalming)
  • "Time for a quick commercial break! Our ammunition sponsor today is Marcus Munitions! I got some, uh, copy to read here... "Cult wackos, get stuffed"? Hey, pal – I'll take your money, but that's just unprofessional." (Taking a "commercial break")
  • "Okay, break's over. We're all in! Terror! Hit every button!" (Returning from break)
  • "This isn't over! Terror! Hit them directly with the Eridium Core! – Oh, what's that? "Unstable"? I don't care, just do it!" (Activating Eridium laser)
  • "Laser!" (Activating Eridium laser)
  • "Enjoy the spotlight, ASSHOLE!" (Activating Eridium laser)
  • "Eat Eridium, Vault Thief!" (Activating Eridium laser)


  • The Agonizer 9000 has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Damned and The Dictator Assault Rifles, Crader's EM-P5 submachine gun (Mayhem 4+), the Backburner rocket launcher (Mayhem 6+), and is the only loot source for the unique Agonizer 1500 rocket launcher.
  • The critical hit spots on the Agonizer 9000 have a fixed amount of health that does not scale with Mayhem Mode, meaning that they will more often than not be immediately destroyed in higher Mayhem Levels and quickly remove any potential sources of critical damage without skills like Megavore.
  • Humorously, The Agonizer 9000 is affected by the "Galaxy Brain" modifier introduced during Mayhem Mode 2.0, which results in its head becoming cartoonishly large.
    • However, this makes the fight substantially more difficult as the head can now block some of the critical hit spots located on its body. Additionally, it causes the Mega Blender attack to become unavoidable during its downward facing configuration.
    • Occasionally The Agonizer 9000's loot drops can be thrown out of the arena and into the audience, making it inaccessible.