"Big Tony says 'Hi'"

The Thanatos

The Thanatos Pistol is a legendary Machine Pistol manufactured by S&S with a large magazine capacity.

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Special Effects

  • Big Tony says "Hi"- Has an extended magazine.

Acquiring The S&S Thanatos

This weapon can be obtained through many ways including - Looting chests and weapon crates throughout Pandora, dropped by higher level enemies and can be on sale at weapon vendors infrequently.


  • Most commonly found in vending machines.
  • Due to a patch that was recently released, the Pearlescent status of this weapon has been removed, and it is now any shade of orange.


  • Big Tony is a common name for a mobster, and the increased magazine reflects the "Tommy guns" used by mobsters in the '30s, due to their large "Drum" magazines.
  • Thanatos is the personification of death in Greek mythology. Sigmund Freud also termed the destructive instinct in humans "Thanatos" as opposed to pleasure "Eros."

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