"Big Tony says "Hi""

The Thanatos

The S&S Thanatos Pistol is a pearlescent, fully automatic pistol, with a very large magazine.

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Common Special Effects

  • Big Tony says "Hi" - Extended magazine

It can seemingly be any element, and some models shoot 2 bullets at once, and others have scopes.


This gun also has two main types cold and vile in which vile has a lower fire rate, accuracy, and power than the cold.   There is also a "Double Thanatos," which shoots 2 or more bullets per shot, a "Stabilized Thanatos," which has higher accuracy and lower recoil, and a "Caustic Thanatos," which adds Corrosion damage. there are also types for each element with varying elemental power (x1,x2, and maybe x3 or x4, not confirmed yet though).


  • Controversial pseudo-rarity Pearlescent weapon. It likely should have been orange.
  • The Thanatos accessory which gives this weapon its name is glitched and causes the weapon to have the Pearlescent rarity.
  • Big Tony is a common name for a mobster, but this can also be a reference to the N64 game 'Conker's Bad Fur Day' in which if your the loser in the Multiplayer mode 'Heist', The Boss says "Say Hi to Big Tony for me" before drowning you.

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