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-"Thanatos" is the Greek god of death.
-"Thanatos" is the Greek god of death.
-Possible reference to Grand Theft Auto's "Gay Tony"
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"Big Tony says "Hi""

The Thanatos

The S&S Thanatos Pistol is a pearlescent, fully automatic pistol, with a very large magazine.

Examples are on the talk page.

Common Special Effects

  • Big Tony says "Hi" - Extended magazine

It can seemingly be any element, and some models shoot 2 bullets at once, and others have scopes.


This gun also has two main types cold and vile in which vile has a lower fire rate, accuracy, and power than the cold.


-Controversial pseudo-rarity Pearlescent weapon. It likely should have been orange.

-"Thanatos" is the Greek god of death.

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