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The Tetanus Warren is located on the west side of New Haven and is a series of interconnected hollows under the loose piles of rusting scrap metal. It is home to bandits, scythids and spiderants, along with being one of the locations of corrosive crystals used in the manufacture of a corrosive artifacts.


King Wee Wee has found the perfect place to call home. Within the miles of twisting passages that spread throughout the scrapyard he reigns supreme.

There are three colonies of spiderantlings, and the second colony encountered (in the middle of the Warrens) is also protected by a badass spiderant.



Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]


Name Location Given By Level Reward
King Tossing Tetanus Warren New Haven Bounty Board 21 5244XP, $5401, Sub-Machine Gun
Corrosive Crystal Harvest Tetanus Warren New Haven Bounty Board 21 5520XP; $2700, Corrosive Artifact
Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren Tetanus Warren Claptrap 21 1380XP, Backpack SDU

Weapon Crates[]

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  • Tetanus Warren is named Tetanus Warrens in the loading screen and in some other occurrences. The map says Tetanus Warren.
  • Tetanus is a disease caused by an infection that commonly develops when cut by dirty or rusty metal. Much of Tetanus Warren is dug out from the giant trash and scrap metal piles around New Haven.