The Tesla Grenade is a common area of effect grenade mod manufactured by Vladof. The Tesla Grenade is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Upon detonating, Tesla Grenades continuously and for a short amount of time shock any enemy that enters a visible radius centered on it. These grenades can be used effectively in tight spaces and chokepoints to punish enemy movement, can create a safe area against non-projectile enemies, and work well against stationary or slow moving targets.

Unlike other area-of-effect grenades, Tesla grenades will not cause damage to allies, and the arcs will only zap enemies.

Notable variants


  • A Tesla grenades' bolts will target buzz axes that are thrown through their area of effect.
  • Tesla grenade lighting bolts are able to bypass targets' shields if placed within range, above or below.
  • Tesla grenade lighting bolts will not attack enemies that are currently in stealth. This can be countered by forcing the enemy to expose itself while the tesla zaps it's shields, preventing it from re-entering stealth again.
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