{{rarity|color|free text}}
{{rarity link|color|free text|link}}
{{rarity|Common}}: Common
{{rarity|White}}: White
{{rarity|Green}}: Green
{{rarity|Blue}}: Blue
{{rarity|Purple}}: Purple
{{rarity|Yellow}}: Yellow
{{rarity|Orange}}: Orange
{{rarity|Dark Orange}}: Dark Orange
{{rarity|Pearlescent}}: Pearlescent
{{rarity|Cursed}}: Cursed
{{rarity|Seraph}}: Seraph
{{rarity|Glitch}}: Glitch
{{rarity|E-tech}}: E-tech
{{rarity|Aftermarket}}: Aftermarket
{{rarity|Red}}: Red

You can use rarity with a second parameter to give more flavour to your text:

I am the master of {{Element link|Corrosive|Corrosion|Corrosive}}: 
I have a sick {{Rarity link|Dark Orange|Pestilent Defiler|Defiler (revolver)}}
and a poisonous {{Rarity link|Pearlescent|Glorious Serpens|Serpens}}.
My {{Rarity link|Purple|Glorious Draco|Draco}} can also set things on
{{Element link|Incendiary|FIRE|Incendiary}}!

I am the master of corrosion: I have a sick Pestilent Defiler and a poisonous Glorious Serpens. My Glorious Draco can also set things on FIRE!


  • Note that Rarity and Rarity Link are two separate templates, even though "Rarity link" sort of looks like "link" is just being passed as an argument to the "Rarity" template.

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