– Similar to wikipedia:Template:•: Writes a non-breaking space, followed by an en dash (not an hyphen). Meant for use after anything that requires a dash.


Append without spaces, and put a space afterwards:

"{{flavor|Flavor Text}}{{dash}} Details."


"Flavor Text – Details."


Do NOT place a space before the template. STICK IT right next to whatever it is dashing. Adding a space will add redundant spacing, and potentially break the nbsp scheme:

Code Result Comment
Yes text{{dash}} moretext text – moretext Correct
No text {{dash}} moretext text  – moretext Notice the unusual spacing
Yes texttexttexttexttext{{dash}} moretext texttexttexttexttext – moretext Correct
No texttexttexttexttext {{dash}} moretext texttexttexttexttext  – moretext Notice the incorrect break
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