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Teh Earworm is a digital representation of a Thresher, encountered during the mission You Can Stop the Music in Claptastic Voyage.


Claptrap listened to a song, and simply cannot get it out of his head. Claptrap's Consciousness therefore asks the Vault Hunters to travel to Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K and find and kill the song.

The first part of Teh Earworm that is encountered are its tentacles. Each tentacle is randomly named from this list of names:

  • Catchy Hook!
  • Floor Filler!
  • Key Change!
  • Most Requested!
  • Sparkly Formula!
  • Tween Favorite!

After a certain period of time, while the tentacles retain their normal behavior, they are temporarily renamed 'Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus (x2)!' before reverting back to their initial names.


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  • Teh Earworm has an increased chance to drop the legendary Longest Yard laser.
  • During the mission You Can Stop the Music, Teh Earworm is fought three consecutive times. After the mission is completed, Teh Earworm will only be fought once at a time.
    • After Teh Earworm is killed the third time during You Can Stop the Music and the Vault Hunters have collected Claptrap's music collection, the song that Teh Earworm blares from its loudspeakers can occasionally be heard echoing amongst the normal background sounds until the mission is completed.
  • When Teh Earworm and its tentacles are underground, the song it plays is muffled. When only its tentacles are exposed, the song lacks bass. When Teh Earworm itself is above ground, the song plays normally.


  • Teh Earworm is a reference to the phrase Earworm, which is used to refer to a piece of music that someone considers 'catchy', and finds it difficult to stop thinking about. Teh Earworm further references this by playing this song continuously when nearby.